Shortly after the Second World War Marcel Joris started producing ice cream.  He bought a small ice cream machine for this purpose.  Large ice cubes were used for cooling the ice cream as well as the refrigirators, beer coolers and cooling transport.  The ice cream mix was boiled as a thin custard in a large soup kettle and frozen afterwards in the ice cream turbine.  The ice cream was then placed in a delivery bicycle with crushed ice cubes stacked underneath it to keep the ice cream cold.  The delivery bicycle was motorised later on.  The ice cream machine became more professional, the delivery bicycle was replaced by a small lorry and we got more and more freezers, freezing rooms and lorries. 
In the meantime the family business was taken over by the daughter and the granddaughter after her.  The company expanded to several ice cream vans and freezer lorries.  The machines were modernised and the supply storage expanded enormously.  Food & beverage establishments and wholesale were included next to scooping ice cream.

Our company was divided in 2000:
* BVBA Joris Ijs be (sale of scooping ice cream in ice cream vans)
* B'Nice NV (Belgian Natural Ice Cream), the firm that also supplies food & beverage establishments, wholesale, specialised food stores, etc.



B'Nice NV 2016