Conservation tips:

Ice cream and sorbets are best kept at a temperature of -18C.

When the freezer is set even lower (between -20C to -25C), the ice cream can be preserved many months afterwards.

Take the ice cream out of the freezer 5 to 10 minutes before use.  Make sure it doesn't melt !  As soon as the ice cream is scooped, it is best covered with a plastic foil so that no air can touch the product.  This is to prevent the ice cream from drying out or forming chrystals.

Don't freeze ice cream that has melted !

Serving tips:

Ice cream is at its best when every bite softly melts in the mouth.
Ice cream can be consumed at its best between -10C en -15C.
Ice cream that is too cold or too hard will freeze your taste buds which causes the aromas to disappear.

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